My name is Eva, I am an airline pilot from The Netherlands. At the start of 2018 I moved to Hong Kong to follow my dream to fly the Boeing 747. I operate the B747-400ERF and B747-8 freighters. I also flew 4 years as a Boeing 737-800 pilot for a large European passenger airline, based in Barcelona. After completing University Studies in literature and journalism, I took the jump to aviation. I started this website to share some of my stories and experiences, to inform, and to be visible to a new generation.

“We grow up in a society where we think of certain professions as ‘male’ or ‘female’. When young girls are never exposed to women in the flight deck, they pick different role models, in other professions. The idea to choose for a career as an airline pilot simply does not occur to a lot of girls. It is in our nature to be inspired by someone of our own gender. Female pilots of my generation are by no means pioneers in this profession, but because we are really out there as female pilots (on social medial and featured in articles), we become more visible to the new generation; I hope it leads to more girls choosing for this profession!”